The Whole Food Solution

Saving health. Saving the planet.

Evidence Based Eating
invites you to …

A series of four health focused public lectures highlighting the power of plant-based whole foods to restore health to all New Zealanders.

MC’d by EBE NZ chairman, Grant Dixon, producer of the movie, The Big FAT Lie.


Focus: The Ministry of Health

Saturday – Oct 30th
7:30 – 9:30 PM

Parliament Buildings
Grand Hall
1 Museum St, Pipitea

Food policy changes:

Introducing healthy food policies and their associated environmental and health benefits.

Dr Cristina Cleghorn

University of Otago

Protecting our planet’s life support networks:

How cattle, pig and chicken farming harms what we breathe and drink.

Dr Mike Joy

Victoria University

Changing our nutrition guidelines.

Pivoting away from animal and processed foods towards plants.

Dr Luke Wilson

Wellington GP

Please Note:
If this event is held under Level 2, there will be a maximum of only 40 tickets. If Wellington moves to Level 1 before 30th Oct,
then many more tickets will be made available.


Focus on Hospitals
SATURDAY, October 9
7.30pm – 9.30pm


Nutrition & long term health

Experiences of a Registered Dietitian working with people who want to get well.

Fuchsia Goldsmith


Fixing the obesogenic landscape.

How our District Health Boards and changing government policies can help.

Prof Boyd Swinburn

University of Auckland

A new approach to preventative medicine:

Overseas hospital plant-based policy success and community plant-based courses.

Dr Mark Craig

Auckland GP


Focus: Avoiding severe illness

Sunday – August 1st
7:30 – 9:30 PM

University of Otago
Burns 2, Lecture Theatre
Albany Street

Avoiding illness through a plant-based diet

Medical training. Why wholistic nutrition is a better place to start.

Dr Martyn Williamson

Alexandra GP

Nutrition: a medical student’s view

Nutrition training, chronic illnesses and the long term consequences of our current diet.

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Yvette Hall

Dr in training

Plants: The solution for obesity and diabetes.

Outlining NZ’S looming diabetes disaster and how to avoid it.

Prof Jim Mann

University of Otago

View Dunedin Lectures – August 1st


Focus: Our GP Frontline

Saturday – May 22
7:30 – 9:30 PM

University of Otago
Beaven Theatre
2 Riccarton Ave

Building a better brain:

The foods and nutrients for optimal mental health.

Prof Julia Rucklidge

University of Canterbury

Turn-around success through the CHIP programme

Obesity, diabetes and heart disease can all be treated successfully.

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Dr Wayne Hurlow

Nelson GP

A plant-based GP in a
pro-meat world

The challenges of discussing diet in General Practice. Treating gut health & common ailments with diet.

Dr Rob Wilks

Motueka GP

View Christchurch Lectures - May 22nd

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