I am a retired clinical psychologist living in Herne Bay. I grew up in a California home that did not eat a lot of meat and overtime I eventually chose a vegetarian diet due to religion, animal welfare, and health reasons. Eventually I studied myself out of religion and took life here and now more seriously, however a blood test indicated my blood, liver, and symptoms were not in the healthy ranges.

I switched to a WFPB SOS free diet and have never looked back. All of my blood work and symptoms are now in the completely healthy range. Some of my family thought what I was doing was a bit much, while a few have followed my footsteps. When I changed to WFPB I realized that my taste buds and way of seasoning food had to change. While learning new recipes was easy, the time and effort were new to me.

Because I was determined to make the complete change, I did not let anything deter me – for my sake, animals, and the environment. I am currently completing the certificated Forks Over Knives Culinary Course, and have found wonderful ways of making tasteful WFPB food.

Through readings of Esselstyn, Barnard, Ornish, Campbell and others, I have learned many important truths so that my lifestyle is supported by facts. While I am totally convinced of this lifestyle, the only real difficulty is the time that it takes for me to make delicious recipes daily, (confession is that I still see foods that I yearn for, but will not ever go there again.)

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